Drinking for Science!

The Roast of Tesla

The Plan

An entire show, PLUS a two hour open bar with domestic beer, wine, and well drinks, for only $20? Yes! Good cause, benefiting The Tesla Museum? Yes! Crazy fun, impersonators of famous scientists, entertainment, and great people? Yes!

Yes, it's a hard job, but someone has to do it. This April, we're DRINKING FOR SCIENCE!

The Guests

Matt DeBlass

The famous bard of intoxication, singing all of your favorite songs about whiskey, beer, more whiskey...

Professor Mark Donnelly

Famous Bartitsu teacher and scholar ready to buckle or unbuckle any swash left en guarded.

A Halo Called Fred

All sounds in the Universe can be broken down into 27 distnict categories. The first five are: animal sounds, heavy machinery, traditional music, otherworldy spiritualtiy, and jingling loose change. The rest are made by A Halo Called Fred.

The Roast

Nikola Tesla

We begin with our hero Nikola Tesla, a super-genius whose intellect placed him between "great scientific mind" and "utter madness". He held 700 patents at the time of his death, made groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of physics, robotics, steam turbine engineering, magnetism and THE DEATH RAY!!!! One of the greatest scientific minds of his time.

Marie Curie

George Washington Carver

Ada Lovelace

Lou Salome